Just solve simple maths and get real cash rewards!
Currently available for Android only

How to use?


You can play simple maths quiz to collect gold. You need to just add or subtract number and select to correct option.


You have a variety of survey providers, just answer simple questions and win a lot of gold. Easy


You can also finish tasks like installing and using applications to win gold quite easily.

How to win cash rewards?

Firstly you have collect gold by playing quiz, answering surveys and doing tasks. These golds are then converted to cash or dollars within 24 hours. The exact time for this conversion can be seen from the countdown timer on the leaderboard.

You can also earn additional cash prizes if you rank on the leaderboard by the time of conversion. And also by inviting your friends to MathPlus with your referral link.

Frequently asked questions

  • Do MathPlus really pays?
    Yes, MathPlus is one of the most legit application in this play to win app segment.
  • How can I earn money in MathPlus?
    In order to earn money, you have to collect golds by playing games, answering surveys and doing tasks which are converted to cash within 24 hours. You can also invite friends and rank in leaderboard to earn extra money.
  • How can I withdraw my cash in MathPlus?
    MathPlus has several payment methods based on your country. Based on your country you withdraw money to your preferred payment method.
  • How can I get support in MathPlus?
    You can email us on or contact us using Facebook or Instagram messenger.


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